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Daycare weekly schedule:

Monday - Friday 8am-6pm

Closed to the public 12:30-2:30 for lunch and quiet time

Temperment tests and facility tours will be conducted by appointment only.

Deb's Doggercise is proud to be a Force Free facility. We ask that you bring your dog in on a flat slip or buckle collar, harness, gentle leader, or martingaile. Shock, prong, and choke collars will not be permitted. We want to take every step to make sure your dog's experience with us is a pleasant one from begining to end!!!!

Grooming Services

Luxury Bath Package - includes Facial Trim, Sanitary Trim, Ears, Paw Pad & Nail Trim (haircut NOT included in this package)

            Small - $30.00

            Medium - $40.00

            Large - $50.00

            X-Large - $55.00

***To ADD De-Shedding Treatment $15.00***

5 Star Full Groom Package - includes ALL services from Luxury Bath Package PLUS a Haircut to your Specifications

            Small (15 lbs. & under) - $45.00

            Medium(16 to 35lbs.) - $60.00

            Large (36 to 75lbs.) - $80.00

            X-Large (over 75lbs.) - $120.00

***To ADD De-Shedding Treatment $15.00***

Puppy Package – introduce your puppy to grooming at a young age! Includes Bath, Brush, Nails and Ear Cleaning (offered to pups under  5 months of age, does NOT include haircut)

            Small (15 lbs. & under) - $10.00

            Medium(16 to 35lbs.) - $15.00

            Large (36 to 55lbs.) - $20.00

***ADD Facial Trim for $5.00***

A la Carte Grooming Services

            Nail Trim - $10.00

            Nail Grinding - $15.00

            Ear Cleaning & Hair Extraction - $10.00

            Blueberry Facial - $5.00

            Nail Polish $10.00

Bath Only –

            Small Dog - $15

            Medium Dog - $20

            Large Dog - $25

            X-Large Dog - $30

                ***To ADD De-Shedding Treatment $15.00***

“I’m Coming Home” Package - For our guests who have played hard while they were here!

Add a bath to your boarding package to have your pup smelling fresh and fabulous when they go home. Please note, this is a bath only service. Nails, ears, trims, etc. are NOT included. If your pup shows displeasure with the dryer, we will NOT force them to be dried. Therefore, they may be slightly damp at check-out time.

Small (15 lbs. & under) - $10.00

            Medium(16 to 35lbs.) - $15.00

            Large (36 to 75lbs.) - $20.00

            X-Large (over 75lbs.) - $25.00


Online Reservations

You Can Now Make Your Own Boarding Reservations Online

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  Grooming Now Available
Grooming Now Available

We are now Offering Baths, Grooming, Nail Trims, & More!

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By Appointment Only!

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