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We are excited to be hosting a Force Free/ Fear Free seminar given by Diane Garrod of Canine Transformations Learning Center on May 11th, 2019.

Please go to Diane Garrod's Seminar tab to learn more about Diane and registration info for her upcoming Force Free seminar here in Myrtle Beach, SC

Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy at Daycare

At Deb's Doggercise you can rest assured that your dog will be properly socialized by age, personality, and play style. Being a trainer I know how important it is to place dogs in the proper play groups, so they will be sure to make friends and have a great time. Your dog will be closely supervised during play time, the dogs are never left together unattended. Dogs, just like humans need naps and breaks. A dog that plays for 8 hours straight without any rest will be stressed and exhausted. Here, we make sure that a proper rotation of play, rest, and meals is done based on each dog's specific needs. Dogs that are not placed properly or don't get enough rest can get cranky, reactive, and even un-socialized by a daycare environment that does not have the proper balance. At Deb's Doggercise we want to make sure we are keeping your dog happy, healthy and social while you are away!!! A happy dog makes for a happy day!!!

**WE ARE A FORCE FREE FACILITY. PLEASE BRING YOUR DOGS TO DEB'S DOGGERCISE ON A FLAT SLIP OR BUCKLE COLLAR, OR MARTINGALE. HARNESS, OR GENTLE LEADER. NO DOGS WILL BE PERMITTED TO ENTER WITH A CHOKE, PRONG, OR SHOCK COLLAR** (If you are currently using a choke, shock, or prong collar please ask me for alternative methods. I will be glad to offer you private training in this matter.)

To apply for services please go to the "Application" page, fill out the short questionaire and  submit it.  I will contact you as soon as possible to further discuss your dog's needs.

Daycare Rules to Play

1. All dogs over 8 months old must be spayed or nuetered, no exceptions.

2. Your dog must pass a temperment test before being permitted to play. This must be done by appointment prior to making daycare arrangements.

3. Your dog must be social and friendly with other dogs and people. Any aggression issues may cause your dog to be asked to leave until further training is done and your dog is reassesed.

4. Your dog cannot have any injuries or health issue that may prevent them from running, jumping, and playing without risk to their safety and health.

5. Your dog must enjoy being here!! Some dogs love daycare and some do not. I will not force a dog to be somewhere they clearly do not want to be. If your dog is stressed or unhappy in a daycare type envionment we will discuss it together and decide what options are best for your dog. My goal is to have happy dogs, even if it means not having your business. Sometimes all your dog may need is a little training and understanding. All dogs are different.

6. All dogs must be current on all vaccines, including an annual Bordatella. Shot records will need to be verified before your dog can enter.

7. Dogs should be able to accept treats and play with toys around other dogs without issues. This can be worked with on a case by case basis. Each dog will be treated as an individual and training plans can be put into place as needed.

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